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published on June 2024

Exploring the Spillway: Unveiling the Wonders of Crawford County’s Unique Attraction

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Nestled within the verdant expanses of Pymatuning State Park, the Linesville Spillway offers a whimsical and enthralling experience that has captivated generations. Known affectionately as the place “where the ducks walk on the fish,” this unique attraction epitomizes the simple, nature-driven joys that define Crawford County.

A Unique Natural Spectacle

The true magic of the Spillway lies in its astonishing natural phenomenon—dense schools of carp cluster so tightly that ducks can effortlessly stride across their backs. This not only amuses but also provides fantastic photo opportunities, making it a beloved spot for families and nature lovers.

Feeding Frenzy Fun

Joining in on the feeding is a long-standing tradition. Visitors of all ages are delighted as they toss bread or grains to the eager carp below, watching the water churn in a thrilling spectacle. This interactive experience offers a valuable look into freshwater ecosystems and invites direct engagement with the natural world.

Discoveries Beyond the Spillway

While the Spillway is a major draw, Pymatuning State Park is a treasure trove of activities. The park beckons with opportunities for fishing, boating, hiking, and bird watching. Watching the sunset paint the sky from the Spillway is especially recommended for a serene end to an adventurous day.

Local Eats and Community Spirit

After a day by the water, savor local flavors at nearby spots like The Crooked Paddle, Gatehouse Winery or the celebrated Mortals Key Brewing Company, where the community’s warmth and rich heritage are as palpable as the taste of their craft.

Explore More Around the Spillway

The adventure doesn’t stop at the Spillway. Pymatuning State Park brims with attractions:

Annual Events and Community Connection

Don’t miss the Linesville Waterfowl Expo or the Pymatuning Sportsmen’s Club Fishing Tournament, events that highlight the region’s vibrant outdoor culture and community spirit.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re revisiting or discovering the Spillway for the first time, a memorable experience awaits. Use the Visit Crawford mobile app or visit our website for the latest updates and insider tips to make the most of your journey. In Crawford County, every visit is more than just a trip—it’s a chapter in an ongoing story, inviting you to become part of its narrative.

Join us at the Linesville Spillway, where the wonders of nature are just the beginning of what you can explore in Crawford County. Come and write your own story amid the beauty and camaraderie of our community. #TheresAStoryHere

Remember, our community is eager to welcome you—come and create lasting memories in the heart of Pennsylvania. Whether seeking tranquility in nature, engaging in historical exploration, or enjoying local cuisine, Crawford County offers a diverse and enriching experience for every visitor.

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