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Stay ‘In the Know’ With the Visit Crawford App

The next time you ask “What’s happening in Crawford County?” we know just where you can find your answers: Crawford County’s own app! Discover restaurants, events, attractions, outdoor activities, itineraries and more. Get access to the visitor’s guide and even create your own vacation plans.

Whether you’re a visitor, a local or even a business owner, this app was designed with you in mind. A digital hub for the Crawford County community, you won’t want to miss out on this helpful resource.

How to Use the App

Download the app from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play by searching for “Visit Crawford” or using the links on our website page to download. Once the app is downloaded you will be asked to do the following:

  • Accept the Terms, Service, & Privacy Policies
  • Enable tracking to allow you to see nearby points of interest
  • Receive notifications
  • Enable the ability to save your plan

Now you are ready to explore all that Crawford County PA has to offer! The home page features several options to choose from, including:

  • Events
    This will show you all of the current events in the area.
    • Click on the Event to see the details and more information about the event
    • Click on the Plus button to add to your Plan
    • Click the Map to view its location on a map.
    • You can filter events either by date or by category. Click on the calendar and choose the specific date(s) you are looking for. For categories, filter and choose the category you would like to see.
  • Food/Drink, Outdoors & Attractions
    These features will provide you with other points of interest in the region. You can sort these by category, region, and amenities that are close to your current location.
    • Click on Region and choose the area you will be visiting
    • Order your options or search by locations closest to you.
    • Filter to choose a category you would like to see.
    • You can click on the location to see more information
    • Website – Takes you to the business’s website for more information
    • Map It – Shows you where the business or amenity is located in the county
    • Add – This will add the location to your My Plan to explore later

  • Itineraries
    There is also a selection of itineraries that will highlight some amazing locations for you to explore based on your interest!
    • Clicking on the image, you will discover details about the tour and the stops. You can add a complete itinerary to your My Plan by clicking Add or you can add specific locations by clicking the plus sign.

  • My Plan
    These saved locations are ones you want to visit, creating your own special itinerary of fun stops and interesting places unique to you. From here you can rearrange the order of the plan, remove stops or map out your trip.
    • To rearrange your trip, drag the double lines and move the location to where you want
    • To remove a stop, click the minus sign
    • Map View – this will put all of your locations on a map and you can review to make sure you have them in an order that makes sense
    • Once you are ready to go, click Start Plan, this will give you driving directions and take you stop-by-stop to all the locations you’ve saved.

  • Contact Us will connect you to the Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau website and allow you to fill out a contact form.

  • Website will connect you to our newly designed website at

  • Visitor Guide
    View and download our Free Visitors Guide to explore even more ways to enjoy Crawford County!
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