Experience the Best of Crawford County: A Guide to 2024’s Unforgettable Fairs | Visit Crawford County, PA

published on July 2024

Experience the Best of Crawford County: A Guide to 2024’s Unforgettable Fairs

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In Crawford County, Pennsylvania, the fair season is much more than just an annual event—it’s a cherished tradition that brings together communities in celebration of their culture, agriculture, and local talent. In 2024, the county is proud to present a series of fairs each offering unique attractions and experiences. From thrilling rides and competitive events to gourmet fair food and artisan displays, there’s an endless array of activities to enjoy. Here’s what you can look forward to at each of Crawford County’s premier fairs.

Cochranton Community Fair – August 6-10

Kick off the fair season with the 96th Cochranton Community Fair, a true community celebration that captures the essence of summer in Crawford County. Scheduled for August 6-10, this fair features a rich lineup of events and exhibits. Highlights include diverse animal displays, competitive baking, and various craft contests, enriching the experience for all ages. Don’t miss the high-spirited Woodsman contest and the interactive Corn-hole Tournament. For families, the Water Battle for Kids and Tie-Dye Shirt making sessions offer delightful ways to create memories.

The 79th Annual Crawford County Fair – August 17-24

The heart of Crawford County’s fair season beats strongest at the Crawford County Fair, running from August 17-24. As the largest agricultural fair in the state, it celebrates 79 years of history with an impressive array of grandstand events like the Bullride Mania Rodeo and KOI Drag Racing. This year, catch the excitement of the Country Music Night and don’t miss the demolition derby—a crowd favorite. Explore daily attractions like the Zerbini Family Circus and the Fair Detective Contest, all accessible with the convenience of their mobile app.

Spartanburg Fair – September 2-7

Conclude your summer with the vibrant Spartanburg Fair from September 2-7, where old-fashioned fun meets exhilarating entertainment. This fair is known for its dynamic lineup of activities including Bullride Mania Rodeo, Micro Wrestling, and various tractor pulls. The fairgrounds burst to life with music, carnival rides, and a parade that showcases the spirit of Spartansburg with floats and local marching bands.

The Significance of Fairs in Crawford County

Fairs in Crawford County do more than entertain—they knit the fabric of the community tighter. They support local businesses, showcase the achievements of individuals and groups, and preserve the agricultural and artisan heritage of the region. These events serve as a living display of Crawford County’s vibrant culture and strong community bonds.

As 2024’s fair season approaches, Crawford County invites one and all to partake in these iconic celebrations. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned fair-goer, these fairs promise to offer something new and exciting. So gather your friends and family, and prepare to indulge in the festive atmosphere, delicious treats, and joyful moments that only Crawford County’s fairs can provide.

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