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Gillette’s Bait & Tackle


About Gillette’s Bait & Tackle

Gillette’s Bait & Tackle started as a little shed in the driveway. When Chad and Megan were little they sold night crawlers they would pick out of the yard to sell to local fisherman on their way to Pymatuning Lake. Twenty years later, Gillette’s Bait & Tackle is a 24 hour, self serve bait hub, selling not only night crawlers around the clock, but also minnows, maggots, meal worms, wax worms, ice, and firewood! Over the years the shed transformed into free standing building, into a tackle shop, into a marine service area, and into a family business like no other.

In the last twelve years we have added several other services to our menu including a fully stocked tackle shop, full service boat dealership and maintenance, and American Steel Building Sales!

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