Wide Open Spaces in Crawford County

Hello, Friends of French Creek!
While other parts of life may seem slower than normal during this pandemic, French Creek Valley Conservancy is incredibly busy with our conservation work! We’ve acquired 132 acres of land this year, with 5 more projects to close in the next few months. We have been doing a lot of stewardship work on our protected properties, and we are working on digital content to connect with students that we won’t be able to visit in person this school year. We will still be hosting our Annual French Creek Cleanup on September 12th (with some modifications), and we are excited to share our Scarlett Spring Run Conservation Area with a socially-distanced, guided walk on October 4th. https://mailchi.mp/cca445a8c9f5/french-creek-valley-conservancy-news-9377940?e=ddba7257f0