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First opened in 1892, Conneaut Lake Park is a true “Park of Ages.” At 127 years old, Conneaut Lake Park is one of the few operational parks in the country that represent every age of amusement park history.

Today, Conneaut Lake Park is thriving, offering visitors a full day of fun and laughter. It’s the perfect place for families to build lasting memories at Kiddieland, and Splash City. Those seeking thrills won’t be disappointed by the iconic Blue Streak roller coaster or classic amusement park rides such as the Tilt-A-Whirl and Tumble Bug. Others can sun themselves at the beach or stroll in the shade of the Boardwalk. And of course, there’s food and games for everyone along the park’s Midway.

Come visit Conneaut Lake Park. It’s the Park of Ages for all ages. For more information about events, activities, and tickets, visit Conneaut Lake Park’s website. Check our Plan Your Experience section for information that may be helpful in planning your trip.

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Conneaut Lake Park

At first glance, the New Conneaut Lake Park might look pretty straightforward with a fun water park, lots of kiddie rides, and a classic wooden roller coaster. If you take a closer look though, you’ll find a spot that’s rich in Pennsylvania history and unique in both the rides it offers and the roots the park came from.

5 Things You Must Do at Conneaut Lake Park

Northwestern Pennsylvania is full of hidden gems for families to uncover and explore once the ice finally melts and the lakes warm up enough for splashing. Nestled just off Interstate 79 between Pittsburgh and Erie lies Conneaut Lake, the largest natural glacier lake in Pennsylvania and the home of Conneaut Lake Park.

How to Turn a Trip to Conneaut Lake Park Into a full Weekend

Your family trip to the New Conneaut Lake Park can be more than a one-day excursion thanks to the many amenities only minutes away.  Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, active or relaxed, the surrounding area has plenty of options to choose from that to keep the whole family entertained through Sunday and beyond.