Food and Drink in Crawford County

Sweet, Savory and Everything in Between

Crawford County knows good food. Home to nearly 100 restaurants, wineries and breweries we have tons of flavors to experience. From breakfast to drinks after dinner – Crawford County’s got your cravings covered.

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Comfort Classics, Modern Takes, Homegrown or International – These Meals Are the Real Deal

Breakfast, Dinner and Delicious Bites in Between

Crawford County offers a variety of dining options for every meal of the day. Need family-friendly and affordable comfort food? We’ve got it. A BBQ lunch you’ll rave about for months to come? You’ve got options. Perhaps a bite to satisfy a global palate? It’s all right here. A date night dinner to set the mood? Get your best outfit on! Whether you know what you like or are ready to try something new, it’s coming right up at one of our local restaurants.

Breweries, Wineries, Cideries, Distilleries – Oh My!

Good spirits abound! On the menu: a delicious cider made from local apples at Davenport Farms, a fruity rosé aged in oak barrels at Conneaut Wine Cellars, a full-bodied stout to warm up at Riverside or even a rye whiskey from Meadville Distilling (made from a recently recovered long-lost recipe). Once you’ve narrowed down your drink of choice, choose the venue that best fits your vibe. Whether you prefer a familiar hometown bar or lakeside sipping, you’ll find it in Crawford County.

Take-Home Treats

Don’t forget to pack a treat for the journey (and to share with friends and family back home). Snag some locally-grown produce at one of our farms. Pick up a bag of beans and a pastry before you hit the road at one of our coffee shops. If you have a sweet tooth – you can’t leave for home without some local chocolate and candies. These should hold you over until you’re able to join us for another meal!

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Not sure where to start? Plan your courses here! Whether you’re craving a refreshing drink or the perfect dish, this map will be your guide:

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