Linesville, Pymatuning

Stretched over 17,000 acres of glistening waters that span two states, Pymatuning Lake sets the stage for the wildlife and outdoor activities that spark a sense of wonder and welcome. The man-made lake is also known as the "Other Great Lake" and has transformed through the years from fertile farmland to home of stunning sunsets and breathtaking bald eagles.

Residents of the communities nestled along the water can't wait to showcase the highlights of lake life, from boat tours to bait shops and fishing tournaments. Winter doesn't even stop the Linesville locals from getting outside. You can join them every December for the Linesville Lighted Tractor Parade! Rain or shine, snow or sleet, you can expect to make unforgettable memories with the people of Pymatuning.

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Pymatuning Sportsman's Club

This is a private club and you must be a member to use our facility.

Location: 3642 West Erie Street Ext, Linesville, PA, USAPhone: 814-683-4450

Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo/Ducks Unlimited

Fishing, Hunting, Waterfowl, Kayak, Boating, and all other Outdoor Activities that the Pymatuning Lake Region has to offer..

Location: Pymatuning Reservoir, United StatesWebsite: http://www.pymatuningexpo.com/Phone: 814-720-7470

Pymatuning Sailing Club

The ideal club for sailing and nature enthusiasts who want great sailing at low cost. We are volunteer-based, in a beautiful park, and focused on sailing!

Location: Pymatuning Reservoir, United StatesWebsite: https://www.pymatuningsailingclub.com/Phone: 814-406-9772

Pymatuning Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce

To promote Tourism and the Growth of the Community and Businesses within the Entire Pymatuning Lake Region

Location: Pymatuning Reservoir, United StatesWebsite: http://www.pymatuningareachamber.org/

Pymatuning Lake Assocation

The Pymatuning Lake Association has been in operation since 1945 to promote the Lakeland Area and help act as a steward for the environmental preservation of the lake.

Location: Pymatuning Reservoir, United StatesPhone: 724-418-1501

Linesville Community Business Alliance

Uniting Business and Community Together as One for a Better Future

Location: Linesville, PA, USAWebsite: http://visitlinesville.com/Phone: 814-818-0600

Linesville Chamber of Commerce

The Linesville Area Chamber of Commerce is a great organization to be involved with if you have a business in the Linesville Area or you're interested in becoming more active in the Linesville Area Community.

Location: Linesville, PA, USAWebsite: https://www.linesville.org/index.php

Vorisek's Backyard Bee Farm

Where the bees pick the flavors ... and mother nature chooses when. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania

Location: 15834 Linesville Road, Linesville, PA, USAWebsite: https://www.vbeefarm.com/Phone: 814-683-5888

The Knickerbocker

We are available for meetings and private group parties such as book clubs, planning committees, card parties, baby showers, private birthday parties and the such. Food can be brought in or arranged with our staff prior to the meeting or event.

Location: 115 West Erie Street, Linesville, PA, USAWebsite: www.knickerbockerlinesville.comPhone: 814-818-0055

Shadyside Campground

Small, quiet, full hookup seasonal campground located in a wooded setting with recreational areas and a nice fishing pond. Weekend tenting available.

Location: 11594 Harmonsburg Road, Conneaut Lake, PA, USAPhone: 814-382-2534