Northwestern Pennsylvania is full of hidden gems for families to uncover and explore once the ice finally melts and the lakes warm up enough for splashing. Nestled just off Interstate 79 between Pittsburgh and Erie lies Conneaut Lake, the largest natural glacier lake in Pennsylvania and the home of Conneaut Lake Park. Opening day for the season at the historic park begins in May, and there’s no better place in the region for a family to enjoy some fun rides, a bustling beach, and some delicious park food. To help you make the most out of your day, here are the top 5 things you must do at Conneaut Lake Park.

Ride the historic Blue Streak coaster

The 17th oldest roller coaster in the country was built in 1937 and debuted at Conneaut Lake Park in time for the summer season. The Blue Streak was recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) as an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark and labeled as a Coaster Classic. These designations are reserved for rides of historic significance and coasters still operating through traditional methods, which are few and far between now. This 2900-foot long coaster includes hills that climb up to 77 feet high as it zips through wooded and open areas, creating a memorable coaster experience for every enthusiast.

Lounge on the Lazy River

Splash City Water Park is waiting for those who love slides, swimming, and just generally cooling off on a hot summer day. Grab the kids and a couple of rafts of just take a few quiet minutes to yourself and float down the Lazy River. Just $10 gets you an all-day pass at Splash City, and it’s worth every dollar just to spend some time relaxing on the water. Spend all day there, we won’t judge.


Eat the Midway fries

Is it really a perfect day at an amusement park without concession stand fries? From soft pretzels to ice cold sodas, the Midway Grill is a one-stop shop for satisfying that appetite you’re sure to work up riding all of those rides. Make sure to add a helping of the Midway fries to your order; they’re just greasy enough, freshly cut, and piping hot. We recommend adding cheese too for the ultimate park food experience.


Bring your favorite pup

Did you know that Conneaut Lake Park is dog-friendly? Your furry friends are welcome both inside the park and at the adjoining campground. Be courteous to your fellow park goers by cleaning up after your pet and enjoy walking them around! Just make sure they have enough water throughout the day and are people friendly so that no one has a “ruff” experience during a trip to the park.


Stroll the boardwalk

Because the park lies right on the lake, visitors can also enjoy the historic boardwalk and take advantage of all of the lake activities. The beach itself is open for sunbathing and building sandcastles or just walking along the boardwalk. It’s also great for people watching as fishermen, boaters, and water skiers spend time on the water. If you’re feeling adventurous, jump in for a swim! The park has recently expanded its public beach access, so now there’s even more room for beach fun.

Are you ready for an adventure-filled day this season at Conneaut Lake Park? Just $10 gets you a wristband to ride all day. The park opens for the season on May 25th, so start planning your trip now! For more information on the park and its events, head over to Conneaut Lake Park’s website.


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